We are very happy to be open again.

Please come and see what we do

Opening times

Monday - Friday 12-11pm

Kitchen 12-9pm



Salmorejo – tomato and bread soup, serrano ham  7.00

Catalan coca bread with peppers, onions and marjoram  (v) 8.50

White pizza ~ asparagus, peas, chilli, lemon, wild garlic 9.50

~ with serrano ham 12.50

Lahmacun – spiced lamb flatbread, feta and coriander 9.00

Roast garlic and white bean mash, sesame seeds, herbs, flatbread (v) 6.50

Patatas bravas, saffron aioli 4.50  

Boquerones, almonds and parsley 5.50

Artichoke, anchovy, mayonnaise sandwich 8.50 

Porchetta sandwich 9.50

Radicchio and taleggio arancini  6.50

Courgette, wild garlic lasagne, almond ricotta ~ leaf salad (V) 12.50 

Lamb meatballs, orzo, chard and mint 13.50

Bacalao ao forno – salt cod in the oven with potatoes, tomatoes, olive, egg, parsley 13.50

Affogato – vanilla ice cream, espresso, amaretto, almond biscuit 6.50

Moroccan syrup cake, Greek yoghurt  5.00 ~ with strawberries  6.50 

Cheeses, apple and rosemary jelly, crispbread  9.50


Dame Alice Owen

(1547 - 1613)

Dame Alice Owen was born 1547 the daughter of an Islington innkeeper. Married three times, first to a Master Brewer, then a Mercer and lastly a Judge, She survived them all and as a rich widow was in the position to help her the most in need of Islington. She established ten almshouses for poor widows and a free school which is still going strong to this day. Alice died in 1613 leaving the Brewers Company as the trustees of her charitable institutions.